Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy 3.141592654 Day!!!!!

How do you plan to celebrate?

Ok, maybe it's my job induced geekiness, but that cracks my shit up!

In other news - I'm better today. Much better, in no small part because of the support and encouragement from my blogger community.


I plan on taking off early today. Ryan (#1 son) and Zoe go back tomorrow, so I am going to take them shopping this afternoon. Ryan needs a new driver, and Zoe needs an Easter dress. I need a haircut and a Reuben. Dylan, (#2 son) has been jonesing for this since it was announced. He put down a deposit in January, only to see the release date get pushed back twice. The haircut is the only thing I can get locally, so we will take a short roadie to Victoria. I am hoping we can get back in time to make pizza tonight. If I can manage to make the dough before we leave, it can get happy in the fridge while we shop.

I have to deliver some key drawings to the client Monday morning, so I'll be in here Sunday for sure, but that's ok.

I'm better, thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

We'll miss you guys this weekend and having all the kiddos around but we'll catch up with you again soon! Love the cartoon... am reading a book here at the condo called "Project Rejection" and has the cartoons that weren't accepted for publication in the New York Times. Very funny, several outbursts and guffaws and I'm just getting started:)


Anne said...

Pi Day! I forgot! Bad physicist, bad! I'm staying home today (sick) but maybe I've got just enough energy to make a pie. Apple pie is sure to bolster the immune system, right? ;)

Glad you're doing better today. Have a great afternoon out with the kiddoes! Homemade pizza is excellent... Enjoy!

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...


Hey! Dylan has play practice today, Ryan and Zoe have to go back tomorrow, and Dylan has a track meet tomorrow.


We REALLY wanted to come. Is the beach crowded?

Anne, get well!!! I'm 100% sure that old adage "an apple a day" refers to pie.

celticfeminist said...

Happy Pi Day to you, too! *loves* I can't believe my geeky self would have missed today totally if you hadn't posted about it. Sheesh! (and the comic is priceless!)

As for your recent schedule - sheesh. I thought my time had been crazy lately. **hugs** And still feel free to email me with anything.

Robin said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon--even including a pizza pie in the spirit of the day! Enjoy!

seventh sister said...

Failure is success rounded down? That cracks me up.

Do you use the pizza dought recipe from the Bread Bible? If not, please share.

Comrade Kevin said...

Aw, man. I was so awful at math.

I now feel a sense of inferiority at math related humor though I disguise it as a feeling of smug superiority. And I scoff. :)

SaoirseDaily2 said...

And weren't those popcorn balls good?!!?!! Thanks for visiting. Have a fun filled St Patricks Day! Up the Rebels!!

Jennifer said...

Ooooh, right. Pizza is a pie. Excellent. Then we're celebrating too :)

Now, how to explain "pi" to a six and a nine year old??

Bee said...

Gosh, I always thought that pi was just 3.14. So fake (mathematically convenient) pi has really been slightly lesser pi all of this time? I don't like lesser pi! I like more pie!

It's almost midnight here and I'm getting eyestrain AND brainstrain.

I didn't even know there was a pi day. You know, a lot of my friends think I've lost my marbles on the blogging thing; but really, I'm learning so much!

Since I'm ahead of you guys, timewise, is it still okay to bake pie tomorrow? I was leaning towards pumpkin, but right now key lime is sounding really good.

BSRH -- so, so glad that you are feeling perkier.

By the way, I got a Philip Larkin today.

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

By the way, I got a Philip Larkin today.

Send me one you think I'll like.

Bee said...

just send me your address and you will see just what kind of quality freebies I can get in the UK.

By the way, I'm thinking about adding a little feature on my blog about all of the little things that I CAN't get. Foodstuffs, I mean. Most of them are stupid. Like red hots. But they are things that I miss. The steel-cut oats thing made me think of it. By the way, I know that Ireland still has a grudge against England. Do you suppose that is why they are withholding steel-cut oats? And where are the Scottish when we need them?

Anne said...

Bee - The Scottish also have a grudge against England. :)

Anonymous said...

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