Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope today finds you all surrounded by friends or family.

Tough day today for me. I don't know why it hits on Holidays.

I'm trying do finish the work I should have done yesterday. Instead, I went to my friend Tee's apartment warming BBQ.

I guess the photo will explain why I didn't get much done.

Tequila, not conducive to productivity.

I did make Oatmeal Bread today -


pidomon said...

No it is not but it still needs to be dome from time to time!

Brave Sir Robin said...

At least it was really good tequila.

ouyangdan said...


what's your poison? mine's patron.

konagod said...

I hope today finds you all surrounded by friends or family.

Yeah, well fuck you too! :lol:

Peace and quiet is just fine.

Brave Sir Robin said...

what's your poison? mine's patron.

This was a bottle I purchased in Merida made by a small family owned Distiller.

Kona- :)

I hear You!!

Anne said...

No indeed, but it can be so enjoyable. Glad you had a good time, and I hope tomorrow finds you feeling better.

Bee said...

Nothing to add on the subject of tequila -- except for the bizarre personal anecdote that I've been drunk on it twice, and both times in England! Why drink it in England? You might well ask.

Jenni, Sigmund and I have just downed quite a lot of red wine whilst watching some "precious twaddle" (Jenni's description) about Vita Sackville-West and her husband. It's an old BBC production called "Portrait of a Marriage." Lots of same-sex hanky panky, but not very sexy. None of us liked it much, but Jenni and I have made a vow that we won't let another year go by without visiting Sissinghurst.

I'm glad you have friends to take the edge of holiday melancholia.

ouyangdan said...

"I hope today finds you all surrounded by friends or family.

Yeah, well fuck you too! :lol:


there is a reason i live 6000 miles away from my family...hahaha!

Jennifer said...

I am, in fact, surrounded by family, although solitude would have been most welcome this time around.

My own Easter tradition involves beer and French fries, BTW. Haven't had it yet, but the plans are in place.

Petra said...


Keep your vow. Go to Sissinghurst. Do not let another year slip by without going. Once you are there you will see why.

Anne said...

That bread looks amazingly good, BSR. Eat a slice for me! (Or two...)

ouyangdan said...

OH! i am such a sucker for fresh baked bread!

the things i will do for fresh baked bread...esp if i can get it still warm enough to melt butter...


Bee said...

So what do you think of the bread?

I've made it twice now, and my family loves it! I do wonder how mine differs from the original recipe, though, as I can't get the steel-cut oats that it calls for. My loaf has been very tender -- with no discernible oatmeal. How would you describe yours!

Thanks for the Sissinghurst encouragement. Maybe we will visit Knole (her ancestral home, too, while we are in Kent.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Bee, the bread is wonderful!!

There is about one third of a loaf left. (It was a hit with the boys)

There is a small bit of "toothsomeness" from the steel cut oats, and the occasional bit of crunch. I will make it next time with old fashion oats to see the difference.

celticfeminist said...

Happy Spring to you, too! Here's to a better week ahead.


And that bread looks delicious.

Petra said...


Sissinghurst and Knole go together like... Tequila and salt...

But no matter how often one partakes in the pleasure of the experience, there is never a headache involved the next day.

Just plan it carefully, so that you have enough time left for Knole. That place alone is worth to spend at least half a day there.

After having been to both places one tends to see Vita Sackville-West, her life and her work through different eyes.

To make the experience even more wonderful, read or re-read "Orlando" before you go.

maurinsky said...

Do you have a recipe for that oatmeal bread?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Maurinsky - It isn't mine so I didn't post it.

It is Homesick Texan's and it is