Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

I couldn't let this day pass without a mention.

Yes, I have some Irish ancestry. My Paternal Grandmother was the first American born in her family. Mostly though, I've just always enjoyed drinking beer and joining in the mindless revelry that we Americans manage to infuse in every fake holiday.

So, although you will hear this song countless times today, I'm guessing you won't hear it like this.

If you are of a certain age, you will most likely find this hysterical. If not, you may be scratching your head and wishing you had the two minutes back.

Either way - I loved it.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! May some Irish Lass, (or Lad - to each his own) favor you today.

And Happy Birthday Tart!!

Hope it was great!

Dinner included -
Bee's Soda Bread

Corned beef and cabbage, roasted potatoes and carrots


maurinsky said...


I'm first generation American myself - my parents and everyone before them was born in Ireland (although my mom grew up here and she's Brooklyn through and through).

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

Right back at ya!

There is a Guinness at home, just waiting for me.

maurinsky said...

I'll probably have a nice glass of Bailey's before I go to bed tonight.

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

Ohhhhh, I don't do Baily's.

About 26 years ago, I had a BAD experience with Baily's. To this day, I can't even stand the smell of it.

Bee said...

Brave Sir,

Well, I have been trying to celebrate the Irish all on my lonesome today . . . please see blog for experiments with soda bread, plus Irish music recommendation!

I sort of forgot about the enmity/indifference the English feel about the Irish. (It's so different in the U.S. where most of us have Irish blood -- if not the genetic fortune to have the red or strawberry blonde hair of your progeny!) I tried to work up a little St. Patrick's cheer this morning, and it fell on stony English ears. I personally am opting for some whisky (Irish sp), but I think that Guinness is a great choice, too.

So, Happy St. Paddy's to you and don't forget to go to Bee Drunken and vote for your favorite Irish poet/musician!

BTW, poetry is in the mail to you, even as we speak. It has a story, too -- but no more hints!

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...


Thank you!!!

I can hardly wait!!!

I visited you a little while ago, (looking at the time of your comment, I was probably at your place while you were here)

I love Yeats, Joyce, and Wilde,(of course), and I suggested an addition to the list.

I may have this wrong, but I believe in Ireland, they don't call the drink a Black and Tan, because that was the color of the English Uniforms, so they call it a half and half.

Lot's of bad blood there.

ouyangdan said...

oh how i love the muppets!

and's like mother's milk...or mudder's milk, however you choose to think of it...

ouyangdan said...

hmm...i thought black and tan used ale and half and half used lager...(for instance, when i bartended, if they wanted guinness and bass, it was black and tan, if they wanted guinness and harp, it was half and half...) but that would not be the first thing called by the wrong name in an american bar...also makes sense, b/c isn't bass a british made beer? harp is made by guinness...hrmmm

now i am going to have to consult the wiki god, possibly throw poppy petals upon their graces, to find out...

but that would be interesting!

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

You have it exactly right.

Same (basic drink) Half Guinness half Bass (ale) in many places, but always half Harp (lager) in Ireland. Probably because Bass is a British beer.

Anne said...

Happy St. Paddy's day! Enjoy that Guinness when you get home. :)

Bob (Phydeaux) said...

That was the best version of Danny Boy evah!

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

Thanks Bob, (still not used to that name, but I'll get it.)

I enjoyed that. I loved that show when I was in College.

pidomon said...

(they should use that line in a commercial or something)

Happy St Pats day to ya BSR

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

And to you Pido!

Anne said...

Looks delicious!!

ouyangdan said...

my spidey the bartender sense was tingling...

i do know my beer :P

in fact, i am about to partake of "half and half" momentarily!

Bee said...

Mama is so proud of that soda bread! (and seriously, yours looks better than mine!)

You definitely win, hands-down, the prize for most authentic Irish meal.

Your reward is going to be an excellent article of Tom Stoppard that I read this morning and knew that you would love! Big mention of your buddies, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who so recently featured here.

Stoppard is going to be speaking at the Oxford Literary Festival in a couple of weeks. They have an amazing line-up, and I am wailing and beating my chest because I am going to be in Texas during that time! So unfair! (Oxford is only a 30 minute drive from me. good! but bad.)

Brave Sir Robin said...

I'd love to hear Stoppard speak. I'm sure most of it would go over my head, but it would still be enjoyable.