Thursday, March 13, 2008

Remember The Quiz?

Hey! remember the movie quote meme?

Go check this out!

Boxer Rebel has posted clips from two of the films in my quiz.

More later . . . . .


Bee said...

I'm supposed to be working on the project called "getting a job" but I took some time out for blog procrastination . . . and a little bit of movie watching.

Can't wait to see these two -- especially Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. It seems a bit Pythonesque -- but then, so much of English Humour is. Did you see Spamalot? Very funny -- and I was fortunate enough to see it with the great Tim Curry.

So did you get a blizzard? and if so, what flavor?

Comrade Kevin said...


Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

bee - "getting a job" eww!

Way, way back - I wrote a paper on R&G, so I've always had a soft spot for it.

Scotland PA was just a serendipitous find. My friend David saw it in the used bin at blockbuster a few years ago. It was like 3 dollars or something, being the bargain-whore that he is, he picked it up because it had Christopher Walken in it. It is so, so good. It follows the Macbeth story pretty closely, but is actually a black comedy.

Alas, no Blizzard. But I did take the kids for Tex-Mex instead of cooking. It is our favorite place, but I don't go there very often because it is also Rene's favorite place. It was awesome.

Comrade - Have you seen them?

R&G might not be for everyone, it is after all Tom Stoppard, but Scotland, PA is very user-friendly.