Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm Tired

I went to #2 Son's OAP contest last night. They didn't advance, but the competition was very, very tough.

I didn't get home until 1:00 AM.

I'm tired.

But I had fun. . . . . . . . Maybe I'll tell you about it someday.



ouyangdan said...

hope you got some rest. we missed you at the pub tonight!

Bee said...


I know you've had an action-packed week at work. I doff my cap (metaphorically, of course) to you for taking the time to see your son's OAP competition.

Please tell us you have some relaxing activities (is that an oxymoron?) planned for the weekend.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Well, as for activities....

Last night, (Friday) I finally played tennis with Flo.

This morning, I was GOING to sleep in, but it wasn't meant to be.

Clinton spent the night with a friend, and has an out of town track meet to attend. He called at 6:45, he forgot his uniform. I crawled out of bed, ran upstairs, got his uniform and drove like a madman to get there before the bus left.

At 10:00 I have the County Convention. We will select Delegates to the State Convention.

After that???? It's supposed to rain so gardening's out. I have about four hours at work sometime before Monday, but I'll most likely do that tomorrow.

I also have about three posts I'd like to work on as well as a rather long email I've been composing.

I have four loads of laundry to do, and I need to go grocery shopping.

Oh, and I've been on the same page in Nostromo for at least two Weeks. If it rains, I might just curl up on the sofa with a pot of Earl Grey and my book.

ouyangdan said...

If it rains, I might just curl up on the sofa with a pot of Earl Grey and my book.

and you should!

holy FSM you have been busy!

i was just checking in to see how you were...

Bee said...

Boy, that 6:45 wake-up call is a real bummer.

I hope that the rest of your weekend leans toward the pleasanter side of the goals that you have set for yourself.

Permit me to tell you about my Friday night. I had PLANNED on drinking a glass (OR two) of red wine and watching Michael Clayton with Sigmund. INSTEAD, I spent three and 1/2 hours wandering around the dark, rainy English countryside in order to pick up my 13yo daughter from a party. Not only was the village distant -- about a 45 minute drive -- but the roads are largely unmarked, the houses only have names, I have no night vision to speak of, and it is blacker than pitch in the country. Also, English people give vague instructions: "take a right by the barn down the slip road," is one example. Barn? Slip road? The whole darn country is made up of nothing but barns and slip roads. Well, I did eventually find her; but I had to stop at two pubs (not to drink; just to ask for directions) to manage it. I got home at midnight. The movie was off. I went straight to bed.

Not to hijack your post -- but just to add to the richness of "what we do for our children!"

Brave Sir Robin said...

Bee -

You may certainly hijack any post at all on my site!!

Hmmmm, the houses have a name thing is quite odd to me.

How does the mail ever get delivered?

Bee said...

"How does the mail get delivered?"

Goodness only knows.

Our road is well over a mile long, and all of the houses have names. As I am often out walking, cars pause to ask me -- all the time -- where houses are.

Some day I will have to write some of the odder names down for you. I do wonder where they come from. Our house name, of course, is a descriptive marker. "The Barn" is (was) a barn -- belonging to Hillview Farm, which does have a rather nice view of a hill. And by the way, you can see Watership Down from our front garden. Two gently curving hills in the distance.

sexy said...