Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If You're Keeping Score At Home . . . .

Thanks for all the kind words in yesterday's comments.

Here's the deal:

Work has been not so good. Mid-project my boss decided to switch software packages. I tried to explain that there would be a "learning curve" for the new system. He failed to believe it. Two weeks later he's pissed because we are behind schedule. It kinda blew up yesterday.

I really tried to explain to him what would be best for my client, but he had grand visions.

Anyway, I took care of the client, (my way) yesterday, and the client is happy. Boss is happier, now that client is happy, but now doubting new software. Problem is - I WANT the new software, it is something we should have started doing long ago, but mid-project with ZERO training is not the way to go.

I think in his mind it was just like switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox or something. Not so much.

So . . . . . . My schedule for the week -

Saturday, I worked. With interruptions to run over to the track meet to catch #2 son's events.

(btw - #3 son had a track meet Friday afternoon, I did the same thing)

Sunday (time change) we left the house at 9:00AM to meet their Mother in Sealy, (two hours away). I drove on to Pearland to a friends house where I used their computer to work for a few hours, then we went for (really good) Italian Food. We went back to their house and watched Beautiful Girls and went to bed.

Monday - I woke up and left Pearland early, got to work about 10:00 and worked until 7:00 PM

Tuesday - Went to work from 6:00 AM-7:30 PM, then went grocery shopping.

Today - (Wednesday) - I got to work at 5:30 AM, I go pick the kids up tonight, so I will leave here at 5:00. (two hours there, two hours back) I will get home tonight at 9:00. I then have to feed the kids.

Thursday - work
Friday - work
Saturday - I hope to take off.
Sunday - Ryan and Zoe go back.
Monday - same old grind.

I need longer days.


Bee said...

I hate software learning curves. I don't even like having to adjust myself to a new cell phone! You have lashings of sympathy from me.

Is there any good take-out where you live?

BTW -- I made HT's oatmeal bread ("case of Januaries" post) and it was really easy and delicious. Also, I completely abused the directions (as usual) and it still turned out. I put it together last night at about 11pm; let it rise all night; put it in the pan and let it rise again . . . still good. Also, I didn't even use steel-cut oats -- because they don't seem to sell them here. WHY?
If homemade bread and butter doesn't make you feel better I don't know what will!

Anne said...

Dude, my hat's off to you. I don't know how you do it. I get frazzled and exhausted and stressed just trying to get my stuff done: work, food, keeping the house in order, etc. And I don't even have kids.

Hope things look up at work! Mid-project software shakeups are usually not good for anyone involved. (This is why I've been waiting until after my defense to upgrade my laptop to Leopard.)

Hang in there!

Robin said...

I sympathize with the software upgrades too. At work we upgraded our server and HALF our computers last fall, and is it any wonder that the older, not replaced computers work at a snail's pace if they work at all? My boss called to replace her still-antiquated PC and told she was #400 on the list companywide for a new computer.

And I wonder why financially they are laying people off? NOT.

Also--can Mom pick up the kids sometimes so that you don't have to drive so far? (I realize this is a delicate and possibly laughable question. My mom lived about 5 states away from my dad, so weekend visits with her were out of the question.)

Good luck with the project--I'll be thinking of you.

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

Robin - Their Mom lives four hours away, we meet half way. The first two years of the divorce we did that every weekend. Four hours Friday, four hours Sunday, every weekend for two years. It is not as often these days, the kids schedule doesn't allow it. The down side is, My oldest son and my daughter live with Mom. I haven't seen them since New Years.

The whole thing is a long ugly story. Long nasty custody battle- I was awarded the three boys and the house, (Zoe was just barely two at the time). Ryan, my oldest, (who was only 11 at the time) didn't want his Sissy living under the conditions that she was going to without someone besides his Mother to look after her. It was obvious to everyone concerned, that his Mother wasn't exactly on top of things at the time. He came to me and asked if he could go be with Zoe and take care of her. I couldn't tell him no. That was 6 years ago. Things are better now, but he practically raised her for the first 3 years. He's a very good boy.

Yes, Anne I am frazzled - add the laundry, the housework, the yard, paying the bills, etc.....

bee - No good take out at all!! I live in a very small town. Tons of Mexican food, and fast food, that's it!

I'm shocked you can't get steel cut oats! Of all things!

I haven't had time to cook a good meal in a while! Even when work isn't so crazy, between track, tennis, OAP, and basketball (just ended) - Whew!

I'm sure all of you know a single parent. It's probably usually a Mom, but there are a few of us Dad's out there. Next time you see them, make sure they know you appreciate how hard their job is. Because it is.

Mine is hard enough, at least I have a good job. My heart just breaks for these single mom's out there who are struggling on very limited funds.

btw - I'm not complaining, I fought very hard for my kids, and I go nuts when they are gone in the summer. I just wish I had all four.

Bee said...

My heart really goes out to you.

I'm sorry to be curious -- it seems so prurient -- but I appreciated your explanation of your custody situation. That sounds so, so tough; all of it -- splitting up the kids; having to entrust your youngest to a mother whose parenting skills you doubt and distrust; the terrible grind of ferrying them all back and forth.

You are a hero.

BTW, one of my best friends is a single parent -- and her husband is barely on the scene. He also is perenially unemployed, which means she carries all of burden, financial and otherwise. I do everything I can to help her out -- which is a privilege, really, because I love and admire her.

If you see this before you go, drive safely and stop at DQ for a blizzard!

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

mmm A DQ blizzard sounds heavenly!!
I just might do that.

I don't like to talk about the divorce and custedy a lot, beacuse the boys do know about this site.

They seldom read it, practically never, but - it is their mom.

Also. . . it just is what it is you know? At the time, it was the over-riding, most singular destructive force in my life. Being bitter or dwelling on it will never right the wrongs, or (way more importantly) raise the children.

It's just that I've never really posted the whole story, so I guess it helps if you guys understand my situation.

Now if i can just manage to post the Rene' saga . . . . .

Jennifer said...


Something in the air, eh? With the posting of the sagas?

Thank you for sharing.


pidomon said...

Good thoughts your way Brave Sir Robin
At least you're in Texas!

Dusty said...

Hope you aren't working so much that you miss those little things in life that give us joy.

ouyangdan said...

all i can say is hang in there...i am thinking i am going to have a story of my own to post come this summer...


at least you are a good father/person/decent human being...

hang in there...and no one is playing "i have it worse than you" here...just keep your head up...sounds like those are good kids you are raising there...all of them...

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

Dusty -
Hope you aren't working so much that you miss those little things in life that give us joy

That's part of my problem. I am, but I can't imagine what to do about it.

Jenn - Wow. Check your email.

Thanks again guys. I'm a lot better this morning, sometimes I just get tired.

Batocchio said...

Ugh, sorry.