Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Britney Out, Posh In

I'm a Theatre Purist.

Call me a snob, but I hate it when a director (or worse yet, a school board, principal, etc..) edits a play for content.

When the writer himself does it???

I'm a little mixed, even then.

This time, I think they got it right.

Eric Idle has changed the lyrics in the Lady of the Lake's song to remove Britney Spears and replace her with Posh Spice.

Says Eric Idle:
Because we don't laugh at sad people. Mike Nichols (the show's director) requested it and he's right. We changed the lyrics in London, on tour, on Broadway and in Las Vegas. We think that it's now too sad. Britney Spears is being tortured to death and we don't want to be on that side.

I say good for them. Yes, I admit to having watched her descent with a bit of Schadenfreude, but quite some time back I have come around to the fact that we are dealing with a mental illness. It is not entertainment to follow a sick young woman around with a camera, hoping she flashes her crotch.

It can't have been easy for such a successful show to make that change. The new lyric doesn't work nearly as well, but it was the right thing to do.

Old Lyric:

I am sick of my career

Always stuck in second gear

Up to here with frustration and with fears

I've no Grammy no rewards

I've no Tony Awards

I'm constantly replaced by Britney Spears

Britney Spears!

New Lyric:
My love life is a mess

I've got constant PMS

My career is about as hot as ice

They hate me there backstage

They say I'm too old for my age

They're trying to replace me with Posh Spice

With Posh Spice!!

Good job guys.


Robin said...

I agree with the change, too. Britney deserves the break. Though the line wasn't intended as an anti-Britney slam originally, she's getting far more press than she should and than she can handle lately.

But I desperately want to see this play with either lyrics! I've asked for tickets for my birthday, as it will start showing in a theater about an hour away that week. I hope I get my wish!

Brave Sir Robin said...

OH good luck!! I hope you get them!!!!

Brave Sir Robin said...

If you get them, we will expect a full review.

Robin said...

Of course! I've got about a month to hint...and we'll be able to afford the tickets with our tax return.

Let the hint dropping commence!

Batocchio said...

Yeah, probably a good change.

I still need to see this one.

I imagine they'll film it, at some point.