Thursday, February 28, 2008

Remember This In November

Think a vote for Nader is the right thing to do?

You know, . . . "principles and all that." . . . . . "The Democrats have moved too far to the right", . . . . . "they expect me to blindly vote" . . . . etc . . . .

If for no other reason, consider the Court.

That is where the long term effects of this administration will continue to reverberate for years, and years, and years.

We can survive an assault on the treasury, a horrible war, even the incompetence that has been purposely inserted into every department of the Government, but we cannot survive as the framers of our constitution envisioned with another one or two Republican appointees to the Supreme court.

Case in point:

In the Exxon Valdez case, currently before the Court, (a mere 19 years after Exxon was ordered to pay), Our Chief Justice, seems to think his job is to protect corporate profits at all cost.

Thank FSM that Alito is sitting this one out because he owns Exxon stock, or this one would be a slam dunk for Cooperate America.

How does that taste Alaska? hmm? You voted for shrub twice! Caveat Emptor!!!

I haven't even mentioned all of the lower courts that have been flooded with ideologs and fundies. If you truly support liberal values, the courts must be saved.

Let's play an imagination game, shall we? . . . . . . .

Imagine . . . . . . a Nader/Kucinich administration. Sure, it won't happen in 2008, but Nader running will alert the powers that be that the left is tired of being taken for granted, and in 2012 the left wing of the country binds together and does it! . . . . . Sounds great, doesn't it? . . . . . . . Now imagine that they have a willing majority in both houses. . . . . Finally, we can get the country back on course.

It won't mean shit if it has a Supreme Court with a 6-3, or even 7-2 advantage for the radical right, and that is what will happen if McCain wins in 2008. The court will be fucked up for years, and years. What 20 to 30 years? Roberts turned 53 exactly a month ago. He could be there another 30 or 35 if he chooses.

Wake up!! Even one more will wreck us! Goodbye any hope of protection for the working class, goodbye any hope of same sex marriage, goodbye Roe v Wade the minute there is a clear majority.

Ok - I do appreciate the idea and the desire of a third voice, of the left being represented, but not at that cost. I have kids who have to live in this country and on this planet after I'm gone. Anyway, I'm sorry if I come off too harsh, but that's why I have a blog.


Batocchio said...

That's a good riff on Churchill.

Judicial appointments is one of many reasons to vote Dem.

Everyone has the right to vote as he or she chooses, but that doesn't mean their reasons are equally valid and worthy of respect. That's part of America, too. I read a comment the other day by someone who vowed to vote third party rather than Obama should he be the nominee. WTF? It might be meaningless depending on the state the person lives in, but still. I'm just not seeing Obama as the Great Satan. I have concerns about both Clinton and Obama, but either is significantly better than McCain on Iraq, judicial appointments, the economy, heath care, reproductive freedom and a host of other issues. I've always been in favor of voting one's conscience, but conscience for me also entails considering the consequences of my decisions, rather than pretending I live in a world where maintaining my own moral purity will never affect others, in this case, potentially in a severely negative way. While the Dems are faaaar from perfect as a party, I'm hard-pressed to think of a single movement conservative policy that doesn't hurt the country and the general populace, and the GOP has shown they will vote in lockstep obstructionism even if it screws over their own constituents. Due to the electoral college, some people can safely make a "protest" vote. Others really can’t. 70-80% of Dems will vote for the eventual Democratic nominee regardless, and the blogosphere doesn't fully reflect this. McCain bashers like Rush Limbaugh have used the NYT story as an excuse to rally 'round him, but they were always going to do that, just as, as Digby points out, they'll in full delusional mode claim that if McCain loses that it was because he wasn't conservative enough. I think both Clinton and Obama could beat McCain in the general, although there's a number of factors that indicate Obama is more electable (much lower negatives, less of a conservative lightning-rod to drive GOP turnout, more independent appeal, greater grassroots and general turnout, longer coattails in downticket districts and states). I would like to think that cooler heads will prevail, but there at least some folks who will pull a Lieberman.

Brave Sir Robin said...

I've always been in favor of voting one's conscience, but conscience for me also entails considering the consequences of my decisions

Very, very well said!