Monday, February 4, 2008

Have You Hugged Your Blogroll Today?

Today is Blogroll Amnesty Day!!

It is hoped that by adding blogs that get less traffic than yours to your site, you will help generate traffic to other worthy sites, which readers might not be aware of.

Ok - problem is, I would have a hard time finding sites that get less traffic than mine!!

Every site on my blogroll is a site I visit. Often daily. I would encourage you, my readers to visit them all. Some are personal, some are political, some are food related, there is even a knitting blog over there! (disclaimer - I don't actually knit, though I would like to learn some day, but the site is very well written by a personal friend of mine)

I would like to point out a few additions to my blogroll over the last few months. Please check them out!!

Shimoda's Dream - I found this site a few months ago. She had made a comment on Minstrel Boy's site that I really enjoyed and I followed it back to her site. I always find something there that makes me feel good.

Steamy Kitchen - Wow!! Attention all foodie's! This is a great site!! Jaden cooks mostly Modern Asian food, and takes amazing photos of her dishes. Her recipes are terrific, but her writing is the reason I keep going back. She is seriously funny!!

Random Babble - A single Mom in Hawaii, writes about her life, feminism, food and Paganism. (and it was our shared love of Buffy that bonded us)

Most of the bloggers listed on my site are regular readers and commenter here, I have met them all over the internet, and consider myself very blessed to know them. If you see a site listed over there you've never been to, go check it out!!!!Please, check them all out!!

And don't forget to leave a comment!!!!!!

Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!!


brandann said...

aww! you blog rolled me! it might be a tossup as to who gets less traffic...but awesome! thanks!

Brave Sir Robin said...


brandann said...

i meant to return the favor...but i haven't done a lot of blogging for a while...ya know, life happens and all that. *sigh*

Brave Sir Robin said...

life happens and all that

Indeed it does.