Thursday, February 21, 2008

Watch The Debate?

I have to confess, I rarely watch these things. I usually know exactly who I'm going to vote for, and the format of these things is just so much tripe, that I don't find them worth my time.

An observation or two. . . .

These two aren't really very far apart on the issues. Which helps the front runner. Hard to make a knock-out if the opponent won't argue.

Hillary looks and sounds like a President. She's a pro, no doubt.

(Here's the unpopular part, that is just exploding all over th inter-tubes.) -
I'd be proud to have either one represent our country.

Anyone else watch it?


Anne said...

I watched it (I watch all of them). Pretty even all around. The two stand-out moments of the evening were Clinton's "change you can Xerox" line (when she brought up the thoroughly silly "plagiarism" charges she leveled against Obama), for which she was booed, and her final lines. Incidentally, those last lines were borrowed (or should I say Xeroxed?) from Bill's '92 campaign speeches. Whoops!

Heh. But otherwise, a very civil debate in which, of course, no major policy distinctions were argued over (seeing as there aren't really any).

While I agree that Clinton is a pro, Obama acted every bit the front-runner. I think that in the last two debates he's sounded increasingly presidential.

Redstar said...

Hillary Clinton for President!

I'm supporting her, and wandering through comments threads looking for other bloggers who support her. They are not as many of us as I'd like out here.

A couple of us run a fundraising blog where we post coverage and analysis of Clinton's campaign. Please check us out and spread the word if you're interested!