Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This Is A Bombshell !!!

I don't do a lot of sports talk on this site, because I get the feeling that isn't what my readers are interested in.

But this is big.

First of all, I have been a huge Roger Clemens fan pretty much since he was in college. It was a happy day in the castle when Roger finally became an Astro.

That being said, I think he's guilty, and as such should be banned from the hall of fame forever.

All of that aside, he spent 5 hours yesterday testifying behind closed doors in a deposition to Congressional attorneys. He apparently denied ever taking steroids or HGH.

Now reports are out that there is physical evidence he lied.

Cheating in baseball is one thing, lying to Congress is another.

If he lied, and it can be proven, he should be in jail.

I hope he goes to jail.


seventh sister said...

I'm really not a sports fan but I can't help but wonder about this. Clements has said that he got some injections of B12 or something. How can anybody prove that he knew it was HGH instead of B12? Why is this trainer so intent upon taking all these players down? Even if what he says is true, what does he have to gain bu running his mouth? I just don't get it and I don't think we will ever know the truth.

Brave Sir Robin said...

He was pretty much threatened with jail if he didn't testify truthfully, it sounds like the Feds came down on him pretty hard.

On the B12 point, why would someone like Clemens use a under the table dealer to get B12? Doesn't add up. He could get that from team doctors or a private physician.

Again, cheating in baseball is one thing, lying to Congress is another.

Batocchio said...


Again, cheating in baseball is one thing, lying to Congress is another.

Exactly, who does he think he is, anyway? The Attorney General? ;-)

Anne said...

This whole sports doping/steroids thing makes me sad, whether it's baseball, track & field, cycling, whatever. It must be incredibly tempting if you're really set on being the best (after all, the stuff works), but for me, all the joy of competing would be drained if I got into steroids or blood doping. It wouldn't be me anymore.

Yes, I know, it's giving them an enormous benefit of the doubt to assume that the dopers among them are actually in it for the love of the game. Sigh.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Anne -

The money is so staggering, I can't imagine many of us would resist the temptation, especially when you know your competition is doping.

That is why it is imperative that the owners, players and commissioners come up with a comprehensive, strict testing plan.