Saturday, February 23, 2008

Guess The Blogger

I've just invented a new game!!!!!

When I go to other sites, I always read the comment thread. You want the pulse of the Blogesphere? Read the comments section on political sites.

Anyway, my new game.

I have lifted the entire comment of one commenter out of a thread. i want you to guess the person who wrote it.

Degree of difficulty:

If you read this site regularly, then you almost certainly know this person. This person is a blogger, and visits many of the sites I, (and probably you) visit.

This person is fairly well known in our little corner of the tubes.

I admire this person's writing.

The Comment, (Which it goes without saying, I agree with):

the most disgusting part of this is that the republicans have never been able to comprehend the concept of honest graft that has been a hallmark of all the great democratic city machines. the boston of curley, the new york of boss tweed, the chicago of daley, the san francisco of moscone all had a basic thing in concept. the cities worked. if you called your alderman and said "i've got potholes in my street." it probably didn't matter a whit if it was the alderman's brother in law who was out that afternoon filling it in. that it got filled, that the sewers flowed and the trash was picked up, that the fires were put out quickly all are what matters to the citizens. these bastards like renzi, cunningham, and the others don't even bother with pretending to give a shit about anything at all but the money.

Who said that? Bonus if you know the blog and post it came from!


Phydeaux said...

I'm gonna guess minstrel boy.

No idea on the bonus.

Brave Sir Robin said...


Phydeaux wins the prize!!!

(It was a post over at Litbrit)

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