Thursday, February 14, 2008

She's A Witch?

No, this isn't a set up for a Monty Python joke.

Our closest allies in the Middle East, you know the country that Shrub grovels to, the country that was home to 15 of the 19 terrorist of 9/11, the country we The Military Industrial Complex just sold $20,000,000,000 worth of sophisticated weapons to? Yeah, that country.

They are preparing to execute a woman as a witch.

A witch. In 2008.

When I saw the headline, I thought is was going to be a joke, or a link to The Onion. Monty Python punchlines were already competing with each other in my mind.

Then I read it.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Some guy can't get a fucking plumpy, so it's obviously this woman's fault.

They are going to execute a woman in 2008 because she is a witch.

Ok, I'm going to say this as clear as I can in my ranting, pissed off frame of mind.

There is no such thing as Witches!!!!

Religion is the root of almost every heinous act of the past 2500 years. Religion or greed.

There is no Satan. He was created to keep poor ignorant peasants who outnumbered the elite from rising up.

There is no heaven. No streets of gold, no mansions in the sky, and there probably aren't 72 virgins in my Son's freshman class, much less waiting for your sick Misogynistic ass when you die. - (While I'm on a roll, what's the big fucking deal with virgins anyway? Give me a mature woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it.)

There is no God, Allah, Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, or Jesus up in the sky wanting you to kill for him (or her, for that matter.) If they did exist, which they don't, they damn well don't want you to kill anyone, they want you to be humble and turn the other cheek and all of that stuff. Trust me on that one.

Women are just as important as men. Probably more so. If some calamity hit the earth and decimated the population down to about say 30 people, which breakdown would be safer bet for the continuation of the species?

27 men and 3 women
27 women and 3 men

It's a big circle of life you dipshits, we need each other.

Ok get it?

As for you George W. Fuckface, How about your spreading freedom agenda? Cause I'd like to spread some fucking freedom all up in that court's shit about now. Why is this ok in Saudi Arabia George? Why aren't you all up in their shit, threatening them with bombs and shit? What's that? Oh, because there is no way to make fucking money for your cronies in protecting one poor old woman. Fuck You and your policies. Fuck your war, fuck your greed, fuck the war profiteers, and mostly FUCK THESE GODDAMN SAUDI murderers!!!!!!

I wish she was a witch, because then she could come back as a vengeful spirit and make your dicks all fall off.


darlamc said...

Great post. I love a well informed rant!

Brave Sir Robin said...

I just can't believe it, I really can't.

I can't believe it was happening in America as late as it did (1690's).

We aren't talking dark ages here!!!


Batocchio said...

So she's being executed because someone can't get a hard-on?


Sadly, this isn't that far off from all our detainees, some of whom are innocent, few with any access to due process or a fair trial after as many as 7 years in prison.

Anne said...

That is beyond terrible. I don't know what else to say.

Robin said...

Hopefully because it is getting press in the Western world the execution can be prevented.

I had read about the story at the bottom about the couple who were forcibly divorced by her family, headed by her brother. She was thrown in jail with her children for living with her no-longer-husband, but now that the news has become international, the Saudi government is looking to reverse the situation. Just like the rape victim who was to be flogged, as soon as the West got ahold of the story, it changed. I suspect our outrage over this "witch" will prevent her execution too.

I'm still okay with her vengeful spirit getting her revenge, nevertheless. Cultural differences in the justice system are one thing, but this is is beyond reactionary.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Cultural differences in the justice system are one thing, but this is is beyond reactionary.

Yes, exactly.

The thing that just boggles my mind is this - We are not talking about some little aboriginal village hidden away from civilization, we are talking about a modern, industrialized WEALTHY country that is one of our "closest allies".


Jennifer said...

Awesome rant, man. Awesome, awesome rant.