Monday, February 11, 2008

Postcards From Jeebus Land.

Well, the trip was wonderful. It was great to get away with friends and have adult conversation. It was also nice to drive leisurely, without time-lines, and with the ability to stop when and where we wanted without kids complaining.

Note - all pictures have clickable goodness to embiggen. I do suggest it, because most of them require reading.

A few things of note. North Texas is definitely Jeebus Country. Yep, they loves them some Jeebus, (and Huckabee).

They also don't much care for alternative culture, or clothing.

You can even stay in a Jeebus Hotel!!

If your car gets dirty, you can always go to a Jeebus-Endorsed car wash. (Can you imagine the ads for this place? Washed in the blood of the Lamb anyone?)

Just in case the Fundies forget to talk to the big guy, there are reminders along the highway.

Even the truckers get in on the act.

This one was in the Casino parking lot!

As one might well imagine, we were ready for some good old liberal, alcohol drinking, rock music listening, counter-cultural type people after two days of all that! So, on the way home we took about a two hour detour so we could go home via Austin.

For those of you that don't know, Austin is a blue city stuck right smack in the middle of the red state of Texas.

D&L are silent partners in a wonderful pizza place on South Congress in Austin. We knew we were back where we belonged when we saw this car parked out front of the restaurant.
(The Gandhi quote is my favorite)

Once inside, we felt right at home.

We weren't so sure however, that all that time in Jeebusville didn't affect us. David was convinced he saw the Virgin Mary's nipple in his beer foam. What do you think?

Well, She wasn't hiding in the cannoli or the chocolate sorbet, that's for sure.

We got home about 10:30 last night and declared the trip a rousing success. I will probably post more photos throughout the week.


Anne said...

Nice!! And welcome back. I saw a few of those rapture bumper stickers during my time in Houston. Sounds like a fun trip!

Brave Sir Robin said...

It was great, although the casino in Oklahoma sucked.

(That's a separate post)

The chocolate sorbet was really, really good.

Robin said...

A coworker of mine has the Ghandi bumper sticker--I love it, too.

I don't see the nipple in David's beer, but I hope he enjoyed it.

Brave Sir Robin said...

By the end of the night, we were seeing nipples everywhere!!


ouyangdan said...

i have been loving all the jeebusville and in the comments at shakesville!


seventh sister said...

Did you notice that the car had a New York plate? Likely someone who just moved here and thinks the bumperstickers will negate all the Starbucks and inflated property values them New Yorkers and Californians brought down here.

And that looks more like Janis Joplin's nipple, don't cha think?