Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ha!!!! Oh Shit!!! ****UPDATE

****UPDATE -The photo is public on FLICKR, so I will post it here, but go check out Darkblack's site to show your appreciation of his skills.

If you're under 40, you may not get the reference, but this is the best photoshop ever!!!!!

(I don't know the blogger, so I don't want to steal his picture)

Go see it!!!

Bonus - name both of the people in the original

Double bonus name the boat.

Homepage of Darkblack, the creator of this photo.

h/t to Boxer Rebellion


GourmetGoddess said...

Dukakis and Donna Hart, no? I could have the woman's name wrong. That was the era of an awful lot of blonde-maned females and the often-married men in positions of public power who messed around with them.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Gary Hart, Donna Rice, The Monkey Business.


His was the first campaign I actively worked on. I went door to door for him.


GourmetGoddess said...

heh... my dyslexia totally kicking in there! LOL

I've actually never worked on a campaign. I figure I spend enough time trying to get my conservative friends and family to "see the light."

Brave Sir Robin said...

I figure I spend enough time trying to get my conservative friends and family to "see the light."

That's a full time job!!!!! LOL!!

ouyangdan said...

dude...i guess i am WAY too young to get that reference...

Brave Sir Robin said...

Google Gary Hart Sex Scandal.

He could have won!!! He really could have!

litbrit said...

So glad you discovered Darkblack. He's a wickedly talented blogger and photo-artist.

I was going to say Monkey Business and show my age, but you beat me to it!

Senator Hart would've made a fine Prez, and he's a fine writer, too.

Kind of like another fine Prez, fine writer dude with a wonderfully ironic middle name and a brilliant wife who may yet bring style back to the White House, something we haven't seen in bloody decades.

You have a fabulous weekend, Brave Sir R.