Thursday, February 7, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along?????

Wherein I write a letter.

(To see where this post is going, and understand my dilemma start here, via Blue Girl:)

My Problem, Exactly!

Dear Hilary and Obama, or, to avoid any whiff of cantankerousness or favoritism, if you prefer, Dear Obama and Hilary,

Please, please, please, for the sake of our Party, for the sake of our common cause, for the sake of Progressive Blogger's everywhere, for the sake of my children's future, for the sake of civilians in Muslim countries, for the sake of our stressed out planet, consider the following plea.

Have a meeting.

Make it a secret meeting.

Sit down together as two Democrats, hopeful for the future of our Republic.

Decide who's turn it is.

Please, one of you agree to be the other's running mate. Hold a joint press conference and announce something like this:

Fellow Americans,

We have decided the time has come to put the good of the Nation above our own pride, our own needs, and our own desires. We have decided at this time to join our campaigns together in a common cause to selflessly protect what is left of our Nation, our freedom, our treasury, our Constitution, and yes our Future, from the further destruction of the Republican party.

With (either one) at the top of the ticket, and (the other one) as running mate, we will brainstorm our platforms and combine them into what you, the citizens of this great nation deem to be the best options to pull this Nation back into prosperity and respectability.

This Nation has far too long forgotten it's honor and it's heritage. It is time for the United States Of America to stop being the bully on the block and start being the Shining example of freedom, opportunity and hope to the rest of the world.

There is nothing so vital, as removing the criminals and thieves that have stolen our Government away from the people.

Please, let's all fight together for change.

The vitriol is ratcheting up, the Party is dividing before our eyes. We cannot continue to shoot each other in the back. A divided convention would be a disaster.

Please do the right thing. Either one of you would be an amazing improvement over the criminals in the current White House.

Think of the thousands of girls, wondering if they will have control of their own bodies when they become women. Think of the poor, wondering if they will be able to feed their children. Think of the father who must decide between paying the rent, or taking his uninsured child to the doctor.

One of you, either one, do the right thing.

Very happily and sincerely yours,

Brave Sir Robin.


Robin said...

I'll be shocked if they don't run together in the end, in spite of all the campaign bickering. I think the country is ready for both of them.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Robin -
I hope you're right!

Anne said...

I think the country is ready for both of them, too...

... which is why I don't see the Democratic Party as being all that divided, either now or toward the end of the primary season. I think we all know that our real opponent here is the Republican nominee, not the other candidate for the Democratic nomination.

Most of us have a preference, but most of us would also be happy enough with the other (Democratic) candidate. 70-something percent, either way, according to a poll I saw in the last few days. I'm extremely doubtful that a protracted primary season would do lasting damage to the Democratic Party.

Which is not to say that I want to see this drag on and on. The sooner we have a single candidate and can launch a dedicated campaign against the Republican candidate, the better. But especially with the race this close, I'm very hesitant to say that the voters in later primary states shouldn't get to have their say.

seventh sister said...

I don't have a big aversion to either one of them as president. I just hope which ever one of them we end up with has the good sense to appoint Bill Richardson as Secretary of State and can cajole John Edwards into taking a post as attorny general or head of Health and Human Services.

Robin said...

Our state (North Carolina) is one of the later ones with our primary in early May. I wonder if we'll be among the deciding factors in the end. I'd rather it be decided earlier, but I won't be surprised if we are the tie-breaker.

I completely agree that the fight is definitely with the Republican nominee. I can't help notice that the Republican party has been far more fractured throughout this campaign. I am curious to see how McCain addresses that closer to November--assuming, as is likely, he secures the nomination.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Anne -

The thing that makes me worry is the vitriol I have seen among progressive loggers. Particularly in the comment sections.

Seventh Sister -
John Edwards into taking a post as attorny general or head of Health and Human Services.
Yes, yes indeed.

Robin -
Let's hope they stay fractured!!