Friday, February 1, 2008

Well Of Course They Did . . . . .

Exxon report record fourth-quarter profits (again).

$11.66 billion.

In one Quarter.

Of course, the yearly profit is a record too.

That is fucking obscene.

Yeah, I know capitalism, free market, rah rah.


This money was made on the backs of the people, off raping our environment, courtesy of the Bush Administration.

I consider them War Profiteers.

Turn some of that money into health care, or food for the poor, or education.

Paint me Red, Capitalism can suck me.


Anne said...

Obscene indeed. And these people get subsidies and tax breaks. What utter shite. The level of shameless greed is astounding.

Brave Sir Robin said...

subsidies and tax breaks

Yet about 47-49% of the Nation will vote Republican.

We deserve the Government we get.

GourmetGoddess said...

Yeah, but, how can you get people to learn and listen!!?!?!?! I have a friend I adore. I believe she is intelligent. I believe she is caring. But every single time I visit her, we have the same discussions about this stuff. And it just never sinks in!

Anne said...

I wish I knew how to get them to learn and listen. I believe my parents are intelligent and caring, but they're both registered as Republicans. They're not stupid--they both have undergraduate and graduate degrees from respected universities--but somehow in the last 15 years they've gone from watching PBS to watching Fox News.

I don't get it!!

Batocchio said...

Good lord.