Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Email me!!!!!

I got a new computer today at work, and, at least for now, I have lost my contacts and bookmarks!!!

I backed it all up on a portable hard drive, but I can't get them to load!!

If you are on my contact please email me!!!!

Anyone know how to do that?


Anne said...

Anyone know how to do that?

Are you asking if anyone knows how a) to email you, b) to reload contacts and bookmarks, or c) both? :)

I can confidently say "yes" to (a).

I'm less confident on (b). What email program and browser do you use?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Bad sentences!:(

It was b)

I use Firefox browser and Outlook email.

I copied the entire folders to the portable hard drive, but they won't import to the new computer.


I've got a) covered.