Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's Going On?

I'm busy, busy, busy. . .

So give me something good guys! Drop some awesome links into the comment thread.

btw - I got my address book imported, now I need to find the missing emails. I guess on the bright side, if I can't find them, I can always go to work for the White House.

Give me some link-love guys.

Peace out.


Anne said...

Missing emails.... I don't know Outlook very well (okay, at all) but do you use POP or IMAP? Do you know what your server settings were?

Link love to come...

Brave Sir Robin said...

POP server.

I'm getting all my new email, I just can't import all of my old ones.

Waiting on the link love . . .

Anne said...

If it was POP, you might have had it set to delete the server's copy of the email. In that case, all of those emails should be on your old computer.... to which I hope you still have access?

Now for some linky goodness:

My cats totally do this.

I talk about my new CSA membership and all the great fruits and veggies I'm getting.

Anne said...

Oh, and amusing: a list of obsolete skills.

And if you haven't seen it yet, Stuff White People Like.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Oh FSM!!!!

I just saw Stuff White People like for the first time about 3 minutes ago!!!!!! I just sorta stumbled upon it!!!!!