Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Chickens Come Home To Roost . . . .

It's finally happening!!!!!
The Religious Right-Wingers* have started what I'm calling the McCain Exodus.

As I predicted, the RRW's will never vote for McCain, and in fact might just sit this one out.

Today the grand Pooh-Bah of Colorado Springs announced that he would not support McCain, and in fact will stay home and not vote if McCain is the nominee!!!!!

Oh joy!! Oh happy day!!!

I am often surprised that the un-holy union of RRW's and supply-siders lasted as long as it did. They never had anything in common with one another. The Supply-siders hatred of teh gays was always pretend anyway.

HA HA Freaking HA Republicans!!!! The chickens ALWAYS come home to roost.

Best news I've had in a long, long time.

* I refuse to call them Christians because nothing the vast majority of these people say or exhibit in their lies lives reflect the teachings or lifestyle of Jesus.


Robin said...

I always love these voting boycotts. Nothing like refusing to exercise your voting privilege to show your displeasure for your options. It practically guarantees they won't be satisfied by the winner. Personally, I think they lose their right to bitch for the next 4 years if they stay home.

Anne said...

See that, GOP? That's your bed. Now LIE IN IT!!