Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Duper Colossal Gi-normic Tuesday Is Over!!

It's a tie!!!!

Well, sort of.

A few observations.

Huckabee will be McCain's V.P. He sabotaged Romney in West Virginia, and he and McCain have practically been dry humping each other in the media. Huckabee on the ticket would be too tempting a plum for the RRW's* to make good on their promise to stay home.

The Republicans had mostly Winner take all States yesterday. McCain won all the delegates (58) in Missouri with only 33% of the vote. Hardly a ringing endorsement. He won Oklahoma with 37%.

The Democrats are just as split as the Republicans. Hillary clearly has the support of the old school base. Obama has the black vote and the younger whites. To break away he is going to have to pull in some older whites and the brown vote. He hasn't shown an ability to do so yet. Reader SM over at Talking Points Memo sums up Obama's problems in a letter. I don't agree with everything he says, and I certainly don't agree with his tone, but he does get to the heart of the matter. Go read it and tell me what you think.

If had voted yesterday, I would have voted for Obama. Not because I think he would be a better President than Hillary, but because I think he has a better chance of winning.

Winning is the only thing that matters. Some bloggers that I read and admire have taken the "Hillary can't win in November" crowd to task, urging us to consider the quality of the candidate and not worry about November.

Sorry, do you want a McCain/Huckabee administration selecting 2 or 3 Supreme Court justices?

Do you want war in Iran?

Winning matters. It matters a lot. 4 or 8 more years of Republican rule could well be the death of our Republic. That is not hyperbole, it's simply the truth. These people can't govern.

One more thing - I live in the Central time zone. Super Tuesday turned into Super Wednesday morning as I waited for results.

This phenomenon has led Jill Sobule to write this little ditty. Yes, it is 4 minutes of your life that you will never get back, but if you read this site, I'm sure you will enjoy it. (Embedding isn't supported, so follow the link, it's really funny.)

Ode To Super Tuesday

Have a Great Super Wednesday Morning!!

* Religious Right Wingers, ie "Fundies, ie "Batshit Crazy Mythology Fiends"


GourmetGoddess said...

hey! Not all mythology fieds are RRWs!

If Huckabee is the VP, I might still get my four-year vacation in Vancouver!

Brave Sir Robin said...

I may join you, I hear the food is great there!

Anne said...

I agree that he has a better chance of winning. Any Democratic nominee is going to be attacked relentlessly by right-wingers (and, at best, given little-to-no peace by the tradmed). But Clinton Derangement Syndrome is a powerful thing, and Obama seems to appeal more to crossover types. RedStaters and the like are hoping and praying that Clinton is the nominee because they, like us, believe that Obama has a better-than-decent shot at winning.