Thursday, February 28, 2008

No, This Isn't A Link To The Onion *UPDATE

Ok, we all know that the average Republican politician is scum, putting profit in front of morality every single time.

But, damn! The following headline is 100% accurate, and goes to a real article, not a satirical site.

GOP Senate hopeful got rich diverting corpsemeat from burn victims to enlarge penises

Go ahead, you know you want to, I'll wait here.

Here is an ad, made by his Republican primary opponent in the 2002 Governor race. And it's all true!!!!!

h/t to Anne for the video clip.


Anne said...

Daily Kos has an amusing movie poster, as well as an ad from his 2002 campaign. Apparently the ad flopped because no one believed that such outrageous charges could be true.

Oh, and don't miss the fact that Kirby invested in the company after it came to light that the skin was being diverted from burn treatment to plastic surgery. Yeah, he's a charmer, that one.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Can you believe? And this is the face of the Republican party.


Anne said...

Indeed. This and the guy who cited as his qualifications for his run for Congress:

"Not only was I football player, but I also was in social studies class, and I have a passion for how this country works."

Did I mention he's never voted? Ever?

More on his thoroughly detailed (*ahem*) platform here.

You really can't make this stuff up.

Brave Sir Robin said...

"My platform will surface in due time"

ha! You're right, you can't make this shit up!